OTC Foundation (OTCF) Education

The OTC Chapter Presidents through the GA mechanism oversee educational activities in their chapters and support their educational programs. Courses take place worldwide at local educational centers. Other activities include Leadership and Regional Forums and an educational travel grant program. 

OTC Foundation Research

The OTCF Research Committee (RECO) guides significant global research grants, research courses and international symposia regarding osteosynthesis and trauma care. Research activities cover complementary publications such as books and supplements to international journals.

OTCF Chapters & Cooperation

The OTC Global Alliance is made up of the OTC Foundation and 20 independent Chapters located around the world. The OTC Chapters are mainly locally-funded entities that focus on education, offering a wide array of established local courses.

Where needed, the OTC Foundation provides direct support to OTC Chapters in their educational activities. The General Assembly of Chapter Presidents oversees this program.