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Legal Basis

Legal  Framework

The OTC Foundation (OTCF) is a Swiss non-profit foundation incorporated in the Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. In 2007, Stryker Trauma SA founded OTCF and has been its main sponsor since. With funding based primarily on grants and related donations and as a legally independent entity, the OTCF complies with all restrictions and/or financial limitations. 


Code of Conduct and Guidelines

While the OTC Organization Regulation defines the structure, organization and functioning of the OTCF, the Code of Conduct serves as a guide for all member chapters with respect to their roles and responsibilities related to the various programs and activities of the OTC Foundation. The primary purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure compliance with ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations. Based largely on standard commitments of related medical and healthcare professional organizations, it is used as a guide for planning and implementing OTC activities. Moreover, it defines appropriate relationships with private sector donors and determines appropriate financial planning and expenditures. Each employee, Board of Trustee, member of an organizational body, contractor, agent and related individual is required to sign the Code of Conduct, thereby committing to compliance in both letter and spirit. Our Ethical Guidelines ensure the compliance with ethical standards and applicable laws in relation with the donation of human biological material. Compliance regulations require from each health care provider (HCP) collaborating with OTCF completion of a Due Diligence checklist. The OTC Reimbursement Policy clarifies which activities, per diems and expense reimbursements are due and paid by the OTC Foundation. All of these costs must comply with the OTC Foundation Code of Conduct.

OTCF Articles of Incorporation

OTCF Organization Regulation

OTCF Code of Conduct

OTCF Ethical Guidelines

OTCF Reimbursement Policy

OTCF DD Checklist

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