Structure - OTC Nordic
Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma Foundation for Orthopedic Trauma United States


General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is the statutory coordination body for all activities of the OTC Foundation. It strengthens and supports the worldwide OTC global alliance network in accordance with our mission. The GA is comprised of the presidents of all OTC chapters and affiliated organizations. It is chaired by the OTCF President, seconded by the immediate past President and a President elect.


OTCF Presidents

2020: Michael Edwards, OTC Netherlands
2019: David Lowenberg, FOT USA
2018: Watanabe Yoshinobu, JABO/OTC Japan
2017: Ole Brink, OTC Denmark
2016: Jörg Franke, AIOD Germany
2015: Ton Tran, OTC South Pacific
2014: Enrique Guerado, OTC Spain


Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board is constituted by the OTCF President, the past President and the President elect, as well as six OTCF regional coordinators. The EB works closely with all the OTC chapters to establish a cohesive global vision and strategy for the OTC global alliance and to govern the work of the General Assembly.


OTCF Presidents 2019

GA President: David Lowenberg
GA Past President: Yoshinobu Watanabe
GA President-Elect: Michael Edwards


OTCF Presidents 2018

GA President: Yoshinobu Watanabe
GA Past President: Ole Brink
GA President-Elect: David Lowenberg


OTCF Presidents 2017

GA President: Ole Brink
GA Past President: Oliver Trapp (for Jörg Franke)
GA President-Elect: Yoshinobu Watanabe


OTCF Regional Coordinators (RCs)

RC Europe: Oliver Trapp
RC Nordic: Ole Brink
RC Latina: Enrique Guerado
RC America: David Lowenberg
RC Asia/Pacific: Ton Tran
RC Japan: Yoshinobu Watanabe


Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT ensures that all OTCF corporate bodies and activities follow the mission objective of the Foundation and are compliant to the OTCF charters, bylaws and signed agreements.

Emanuel Zloczower, Chairman (Switzerland), Volker Bühren (Germany), Peter Jan Van den Hazel (Netherlands)


OTC Foundation Management Team

Isabelle Thürlemann (Executive Secretary), Richard Helmer (General Manager)