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Before the Course

You should prepare the following:


Lecturing Skills and Feedback

1. One 4-5 min talk on a clinical/medical subject given to you a couple of weeks before the course.

2. One 4-5 min talk on a favorite subject of your own.


Teaching Manual Skills

Prepare to teach two manual skills that you are familiar with: one should be clinically related, and one could be about anything you like to share with others, like doing origami, making sausages or dancing tango.

The course language is English, with translation into Swedish as needed.


Participants of the Mastery Course 2019


Courses 2019

Basic Course – 19:1 – Monday 10/6 to Tuesday 11/6
Basic Course – 19:2 – Wednesday 12/6 to Thursday 13/6
Mastery Course – 19:3 – Friday 14/6 to Saturday 15/6


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