Otc- Nordic, Vision & Mission Statement

We are an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists, dedicated to the advancement of osteosynthesis and trauma care through education, research and professional networking. Our goal is to attract both, younger and experienced professionals, that strive to be competent in the fields of fragility fractures and osteoporosis.. Read more


OTC Foundation (OTCF) Education - The OTC Chapter Presidents through the GA mechanism oversee educational activities in their chapters and support their educational programs. Courses take place worldwide at local educational centers. Other activities include Leadership and Regional Forums and an educational travel grant program. 
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Otc Membership

Individual OTC membership goes through the OTC Chapter. Interested surgeons in countries with no existing OTC chapter are invited to register direct with the OTC Foundation.
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Contact Info

For more info please contact us on telephone or e-mail

SPONSORS of OTC Cadaver Course 14-15 nov are
Stryker, Stille and Sectra

+46  721-748415