About OTC Nordic


OTC Nordic is a cooperative of orthopaedic trauma surgeons in the Scandinavian countries, dedicated to the enhancement and development of teaching, training and research.

OTC Nordic offers education and training in orthopaedic trauma surgery by organizing teaching sessions with internationally renowned orthopeadic and hand surgeons.

Our motto is “Decision before incision”. This is achieved by anatomical dissection workshops, and training of surgical procedures in surgical skills lab before real surgery on patients, including standard and state of the art methods for fracture fixation.

OTC Nordic also strives to encourage and support research on surgical procedures and implants as well as on the treatment of trauma patients.

OTC Nordic is financed by membership fees, course fees and sponsorship from companies supplying products used in the treatment of patients suffering from orthopaedic trauma.


OTC Nordic is a cooperative of the Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish chapters within the OTC Foundation (OTCF), a Swiss non-profit foundation located in Zuchwil, Switzerland. It is part of a global alliance of some 20 international OTC chapters and maintains established cooperations with OTC Netherlands and affiliated UK trauma surgeons.

Founded in 2014, OTC Nordic is registered as a non-profit association (ideell förening). It is regulated by Swedish law and registered in Patentverket (organisation no. 802496-46152823) in Sweden.


Organisational Structure

OTC Nordic Board and Chapter Presidents (from left to right)

Dr Michael Ullman MD PhD, President OTC Sweden and Nordic Coordinating Secretary
Phone: +46 705 339220info@otc-nordic.com

Dr Ole Brink, Associate Professor, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Phone: +45 20 13 42 10o.brink@dadlnet.dk

Dr Yngvar Krukhaug, Associate Professor, Haukeland University Hospital Bergen, Norway
Phone: +47 971 07 349yngvar.krukhaug@gmail.com


Chapter Financing & Subsidies

OTC Nordic is financed by membership fees, course fees and sponsorships from companies supplying products used in orthopaedic trauma care.

Subsidizing differs between countries and courses. Please apply to your local country chapter when applying for a course, and after joining OTC.