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The Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care Foundation (OTCF) is an interactive global network of surgeons and scientists, dedicated to the advancement of osteosynthesis and trauma care. We directly educate through worldwide CME accredited courses and events, symposia, forums and fellowships. We support research with grants, publications and symposia through knowledge sharing and wisdom.

The OTC Foundation is located in Switzerland, and has currently 19 national chapters; among them one in each Scandinavian country.

These chapters are non-profit associations, managed by orthopaedic surgeons dedicated to trauma surgery and care. The purpose of OTC Nordic is to organize high-end trauma courses and improve both surgical techniques, teaching skills and also supporting research on trauma care and implants.

The courses are normally aimed for specialists in orthopaedic surgery or hand surgery.

OTC Nordic is cooperative non-profit society OTC Sweden, OTC Denmark och OTC Norway.

OTC Nordic has organized four trauma courses so far, three in Gothenburg and one in Aarhus. The faculty always consist of well-known trauma surgeons from Scandinavia, UK or the Netherlands.

Our next course is planned for September 2019 and will be held in the new surgical skills lab (Skär&Lär) in R-house of Mölndal’s Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Hitherto, OTC Nordic has been financed by course fees and sponsorship from several companies.

As OTC is a non-profit and tax exempt organization, we always strive to keep costs at a minimum lever, to allow all surgeons to participate. Possibilities varies between countries, as well as between care givers.

Should you find it valuable to join forces with OTC Nordic, by creating a support agreement for a time period of your choice, we would be happy to supply you with more information.

Please contact one of the Nordic presidents for further contact

Dr Michael Ullman MD PhD, President OTC Sweden and Nordic coordinating secretary
Phone: +46 705 339220

Dr Ole Brink, Associate professor, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
Phone: +45 20 13 42 10

Dr Yngvar Krukhaug, Associate professor, Haukeland University Hospital Bergen, Norway