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Welcome to OTC Nordic

The purpose of the Nordic chapters of the OTC Foundation is the common goal to enhance the general competence in orthopedic traumatology through education, collaboration, mentorship and research.

Our motto is “decision before incision”. This is achieved by ensuring that surgeons are well educated and prepared for their job both by theoretical and practical exercises and simulations.

This is done by anatomical dissection workshops, and training of surgical procedures in surgical skills lab before real surgery on patients, including standard and state of the art methods for fracture fixation. These courses are aiming at different levels and objectives: from basic to advanced trauma care, as well as advanced anatomical dissections and surgical techniques.

Participants are normally orthopaedic surgeons or hand surgeons, but courses for scrub nurses are in the pipeline.

Teaching the teacher is another type of education aiming at all surgeons, physicians and nursing staff, who want to improve their skills in conveying their theoretical and practical knowledge to students and colleagues.

OTC has access to the new anatomical laboratory at the department of Anatomy, Aarhus University in Denmark, as well as two brand new wet-labs in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Experience from previous OTC courses, has been used in the design of the new surgical dissection and surgical skills lab (Skär&Lär) in the R-house of Mölndal’s Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg University. This lab is administered by the Simulator Centre of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and cooperates with another Surgical Skills Lab (KTC: Kirurgiskt Tränings Centrum) located in the Department of Anatomy of Gothenburg University.

Please visit the educational course calendar for our course overview.